• Play online/live against your friends or offline against the computer.

  • Description

    Backgammon Gold: Get the classic board game for your smartphone/ your tablet and play online/live against your friends or offline against the computer. Play against one of the strongest computer opponent in the world.
    ***More than 20.000 active player | modern design | Learn the perfect moves with the tutor***
    Offline: Play offline with a friend or the computer. With 4 grades of difficulty a very strong computer oponent is available for each level. Lots of useful features like show possible moves, various game lenghts, save your game or 12 modern game board designs are included.
    Live/Online: Compete with your friends or play against random opponents with live chat. Add other players to your friends list and check your online statistics and the ones of your opponent. With a graph showing your Elo rank and the results of the last played games. More than 100.000 players from around the world are waiting for YOU.

  • I have always wanted to learn to play Backgammon, but could never find anyone who knew how to play in my circle of friends. This has been a great way to learn and play at the same time...!!! Always room for improvement..!! LOVE THIS GAME...!!!
    Just one of me.....!!!! - Apple App Store

    This app works well. You can alter just about any feature including the speed of the dice rolls and counter movement, and how long the tournaments are. It seems fair. It seems that the dice rolls are genuinely random.
    5onnny - Google Play Store

    Easy to play. Lots of fun. Nice to be able to play with friends or against the computer.
    GrandmaSherry53 - Apple App Store

  • Features

    Play against other users

    Play online against Android or iOS user

    BGBlitz tutor

    The BGBlitz Tutor to learn The perfect move

    BGBlitz expert mode

    The rewarded Backgammon Software (difficulty level IIII)

    Detailed statistics

    Get a short overview of your elo rating and your game results.

  • What can you expect?