Activate Push notifications

Please open the settings of your device.
Choose “Notification Center” and scroll down until you find Backgammon Gold.
Activate the notifications. Please change the Alert Style option to “Banners” or “Alerts”. This is needed for Backgammon Gold.
All other options are up to you.

The game cheats!

We are sorry that you are unlucky with your dice rolls. We do not let the computer cheat or control its dice in its favor, but we often receive this type of feedback – and everytime we try to provide evidence to convince our customers that no cheating is involved. First, we have two different ways to use dice rolls:

You can try to play with the random.org function which is available in the app’s settings. You will need an internet connection to receive rolls from random.org but you can be absolutely sure that the rolls are random.

Secondly, you could try live rolls and play with real dice.

Also, we noticed that all Backgammon softwares get accused of cheating. We did a little research and found this article which seems quite to the point:

There’re tons of other articles like that from professional players and also some who collected a lot of data. For example this one:
or this:

For our expert level we use BGBlitz, a software developed by the professional and well-known Backgammon player Frank Berger. You can read what he wrote about cheating: http://www.bgblitz.com/cheat.html

You see, there are a lot of people who address this topic. Maybe it helps to be less frustrated by the computer strength.

How are the points calculated?

– Whether you win or lose. If you win a match, your rating goes up; if you lose, your rating goes down.
– The length of the match: Winning a long match changes your rating more than winning a short match. The reason is that the outcome of a longer match is more likely due to skill and less likely the result of luck.
– Rating difference: Winning a match against a higher rated player increases your rating more than winning against a lower rated player.
– Number of matches played: New players will see their rating change in larger steps during an initial ramp-up period.

You can read more about it here: http://www.bkgm.com/faq/Ratings.html

How do I change my name?

Please login and open the online lobby. Click on the pencil under your profile picture. Here you can change your name and your nationality.

Why I have to turn off the automatic screen lock?

The auto lock should be deactivated in the online game, because it causes the online game to terminate and be counted as abandoned. It can be turned off in your device settings.

How to play offline?

Please open the app and click on offline game. Now you can choose if you want to play against the computer or a human. Choose the grade of difficulty and the lenght of tournament.

Where can I see which matches I have won?

The app comes with statistics, which show your ELO rating, won/lost games and Gammons. Furthermore, we have integrated dice statistics, which show doubles rolled, the average pip and the number of rolled dice.

The computer often makes strange moves and stupid mistakes.

To guarantee high quality gaming we build in the expert mode which includes the awarded BGBlitz Backgammon computer by Frank Berger. This expert mode comes with Backgammon Gold Premium or can be purchased in Backgammon Gold Free. BGBlitz plays a high class Backgammon and it’s not able to rig dice or cheat in any other way.
The easy/medium/hard difficulty levels which are also included in the free version are similar. Of course for very experienced players these may not be much of a challenge. In this case we recommend the expert level..

How can I play Backgammon Gold online?

If you want to play Backgammon online, open the app and choose ‘Online game’. Create an account to play against player from all other the world!

What is the tutor?

The tutor is a great feature, which can be especially helpful for beginners of Backgammon. It also helps improving playing skills for more experienced players, because it rates Backgammon moves.
Your moves are rated by the tutor by showing three different lights. The green light shows when you made the best possible move. The yellow light shows when your move was okay but not the best choice. The red light shows when you made a very bad move.
If you need help before making a move you can choose the ‘best possible move’ function. You can easily undo your last move with the undo button.

I feel that the dice are rigged. The computer gets the numbers it needs! Why is that?

A lot of users have the impression that the computer gets the dice it needs. The software of the computer and the program calculating the dice rolls are separated from each other and totally independent. The computer does not know which numbers will be given to it beforehand.
In version 1.11 we build in dice statistics where you can see that the computer is not luckier than a human player.
For all skeptical players we also built in a live rolling function. Players can use their own dice and enter the numbers while playing..

My in-app purchases are lost because I deleted the app or restored my device without any backup. Can I redownload my in-app purchases for free?

You can redownload your in-app purchases for Backgammon Gold for free. Please note though that this is not possible for all in-app purchases. Get more information here. To download an in-app Purchase again, you must select Restore and then all in-app purchases of Backgammon Gold are available again on that device.

I cannot login via Game Center or Facebook! What now?

Unfortunately, older versions had some login issues. These have been fixed. Please make sure that you are using the newest version (3.1). If you already have the newest version, please restart it. After that you are able to login again. If all of this didn’t help, please contact us at support@mobivention.com

Why can’t I use the doubling cube?

In a tournament the Crawford rule applies. This means that the doubling cube can not be offered anymore if one of the players is one point away from winning the tournament.

My online opponent has left the game. What happens now?

If your online opponent forfeits the game, the match still counts. You receive the points and win the match.

I have purchased the app for my iPhone/iPod/iPad and want to play it on another device (iPad/iPod/iPhone) without being charged again. How can I do that?

When apps are purchased from the iTunes Store using iTunes on your Mac or PC, they are downloaded to the Apps section of your iTunes library as shown below. In order to sync apps to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the apps need to show up in iTunes. You can view the apps in iTunes by clicking on Apps in the left-hand column.

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer and open iTunes.
Select your device in the left hand column
Click the Apps tab and check ‘Sync Apps’.
Select the apps you want to sync in the left-hand column. You can select all apps by clicking on an app checkbox while holding down the Control key on Windows or the Command key on Mac OS X.
When using iOS 4 or later, you can organize your apps into folders using iTunes.
When you are satisfied with your changes, click Sync to transfer the apps you selected to your device.

Note: If you make any changes on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch while it is connected to iTunes, you may need to disconnect it from your computer, and then reconnect it before the changes will show up in iTunes.

iPhone und iPad Log Files

If an app is freezing or crashing regularly, we may request crash logs from you to help us diagnose any issues. Crash logs contain information about what the app was doing just prior to the crash.To find a log file, please sync your iPhone, iPod or iPad first, then locate the correct log file for the app using the path for your OS below. The log file’s name should start with the app’s name.

OS X~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/

Windows XPC:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\ Windows VistaC:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\\

Once you’ve located the correct file, please email it back to us.

I have purchased the premium version via in-app purchase in the free version but I can’t use the premium features. What can I do?

First, please make sure you’re logged in with the iTunes account you purchased the premium version with.
After that follow these steps:

  • Open the app and go into the menu
  • Click on Premium Features and click on the buy button of the Premium Version in-app purchase
  • You’ll receive a notification saying that you have already purchased the full version – of course you will not be charged again for this step
  • The activation process is then finished and you should be able to play the full Backgammon Gold version